Virginia Face Covering Mandate

Northam Announcement

Is your business prepared to meet government regulations for reopening? Yesterday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued a state order requiring face coverings to be worn at all times in public settings beginning Friday, May 29. We have the PPE products you need to help keep your employees, customers, and clients protected.

Overview of the Virginia Face Covering Mandate:

  • Everyone age 10+ must wear a mask or face covering that covers both the nose and mouth
  • Both employees and customers are required to wear masks or face coverings
  • Must be worn inside all retail establishments
  • Must be worn inside all personal care and grooming establishments
  • Must be worn inside all food and beverage establishments, except while eating or drinking
  • Must be worn inside all entertainment or recreation businesses
  • Must be worn inside all places where people congregate
  • Must be worn on public transportation
  • Must be worn in all state or local government buildings
  • Only exemptions from the mandate are while eating or drinking, while exercising, as needed to obtain government or medical services, or while communicating with the hearing impaired when the mouth needs to be visible
  • Additionally, if you have a health condition that prohibits wearing a face covering, if you have trouble breathing, or if you are unable to remove the mask without assistance

Prepare your business and yourself for the mandate. All PPE products are IN STOCK and orders placed before 2pm will ship the same day.

The full text of the state order can be found here.  

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