About Us


Thanks for visiting our site! Patriot Safety Company is a subsidiary of NOVA Retail, a Virginia-based promotional marketing and event company that has been serving brands and events for more than 10 years. When COVID-19 landed in the US, changing business as we know it and shutting down the event industry indefinitely, we were crushed like so many others.   

As we saw medical professionals and essential workers stepping up to take action and facing a shortage of supplies, we wondered if our years of sourcing promotional items from vendors from around the world might mean we can help. Patriot Safety Company was born!

We were relieved to find that there were several small, trusted vendors we’ve worked with who could supply the items so badly needed. As a small and nimble company, we worked over nights and weekends to pull together quality materials to provide much needed masks, sanitizers, face shields and suits to organizations in need at fair market prices. 

As the world has shifted to suppress the spread of COVID-19, our mission has pivoted to provide safe and reliable, top-quality products to our customers at a fair price to help protect medical professionals, essential workers, high-risk individuals and the general public. 

How were we able to do what so many large organizations couldn’t?

The nature of our company is to be resourceful and hardworking to make the impossible happen for our clients. Therefore, we knew how to get the work done and go above and beyond to find supplies where others might not look or be ready to move forward. While we did our due diligence, we also took a few business risks to secure needed materials, but never passed that risk along to customers. Instead of relying on brokers, we have team members on the ground to ensure we are ethically sourcing our products and getting the best quality possible. We stand behind our products and make guarantees to our customers so that they can trust in us. 

Our promise to our customers

  • We only source the best possible materials from ethical, reputable and trusted sources.
  • We provide full transparency on all of our products and we are available to help with any questions or clarifications needed.
  • We do not list any products for sale unless we have them in hand to avoid delays and ensure timely delivery for our customers. 
  • We have priced our products competitively and fairly
  • All of our products are assembled, packed and shipped from our warehouse in Fairfax, Virginia. 
  • Our employees are part of our family and they are provided safe and clean working conditions as well as appropriate PPE to protect their health.